Favourite Walking Areas

Day Walks

Most day walks are within 100km of Inverell. In this district we have many superb areas for day walks. Some are on private property and some are in National Parks, Nature Reserves, and State Conservation Areas.

Day walks sometimes extend as far afield as Washpool National Park and Gibraltar Range National Park. These parks are approximately 150km from Inverell.

Popular areas for day walks include…

Kwiambal National Park
A popular and very scenic area at the junction of the Macintyre and Severn Rivers and about 70km from Inverell near the town of Ashford.

Kings Plains National Park
A rugged area with spectacular waterfalls and rapids, 40km north east of Inverell.

Goonoowigall State Conservation Area
A picturesque area with creeks, waterfalls, and much historical interest and only five kilometres from Inverell.

Lake Inverell
Short walks on good tracks at Inverell’s old water supply dam.

Barayamal National Park
A national park adjacent to Lake Inverell.

Warialda Creek
A splendid walking area between Delungra and Warialda.

Moredun Creek
An area of great historical interest south east of Inverell.

Bald Rock National Park and Boonoo Boonoo National Park.
Off the New England Highway and not far from Tenterfield.

Overnight walks

Backpacking trips can range over a wide area and up to 250km from Inverell. Some of our favourite areas for these trips are:

Kwiambal National Park
Spectacular river scenery at the junction of the Macintyre and Severn Rivers.

Washpool and Gibraltar Range
Great walking in a renowned World Heritage Area.

Kaputar National Park
In particular, the northern section around Waa Gorge and Mt Grattai have long been a magnet for some of our members.

Car camping

Car camping has developed into a popular activity for the club. Camping by the car enables members to get out into the bush for longer periods without the necessity of having to carry a backpack.

Some popular areas for car camping are the national parks at Girraween, Gibraltar Range, New England, Kaputar and the Warrumbungles.

Other activities

 In recent years activities such as long distance walking, cycling, bird watching and an appreciation of our local history have gained popularity.  During the summer months social outings to other towns are organised.

In addition, many members have interests in nature photography, birdwatching, native plants and geology.

Day walks with a particular emphasis on these subjects are sometimes held.



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