IMPORTANT Please note that all the download documents are in PDF format. If you do not have a copy of Adobe Reader on your computer, click here to go to the Adobe Home Page and select Downloads.

Introduction Letter
This introduction has more detailed information on membership
requirements and annual fees.

IBC Information
An A4 sized leaflet with information on where we walk, bushwalking ethics, etc.

IBC Guidelines for Walkers
Contains information on the responsibilities of walkers when planning to go on a walk, participating in the walk, and at the end of the walk.

IBC Guidelines for Leaders
Contains information on the responsibilities of walks leaders on how to plan a walk, organising transport and leading the walk.

IBC Membership Application
Download the application form to make an application for membership. The form also contains details of the Risk Waiver which is a requirement of Bushwalking NSW Incorporation.

Walks Programme   Jan to March 2019
This programme includes the Summer Outings.  The Club is going across to see the Christmas Bells at Gibraltar Range NP.  We will also be visiting Barraba, Hillgrove and riding the steam train from Stanthorpe to Wallangarra.

IBC Risk Waiver Sign On Sheet
The walks leader is required to have a copy of this form which must be signed by all participants in the walk before the actual walk commences.

PLB Activity Information
The Club owns a Personal Locator Beacon which the leader must take on every walk, no matter how short or easy. This form must be filled out by the leader before the walk.

IBC Working with Children Check
This Check is a requirement, by law, for anyone who works with children. If children come along on a walk there must also be present at least two members with a Working with Children Check (WWCC). It is essential for walks leaders to obtain a WWCC number. For information on how to apply please contact the secretary.

IBC Child Risk Waiver_RWC1
The Risk Waiver for a Child (form RWC1) must be signed by the parent or guardian when joining the Club.

Child Risk Waiver RWC2
The walks leader must ensure The Child Risk Waiver (form RWC2) is completed by the Adult Responsible for the Child prior to the commencement of the walk or activity.

IBC Trip Report
The leader of the walk is required to complete the Trip Report Form after the walk and send it to the Club secretary along with a short report for the newsletter

IBC Incident Report
This form must be completed in the event of a serious incident occurring before, during, or after a walk or activity.

Christmas Bells






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